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Table 1 List of current available diagnostic tools in the management of GERD

From: Regurgitation in healthy and non healthy infants

Exam Advantages Disadvantage
24 h Esophageal pH monitoring Gold standard for acid reflux
Reference data available Reproducibility
The probe is often disconfortable
Non acid or gas reflux are not detected
Esophageal manometry Identification of the GER mechanisms
Evaluation of the esophageal and sphincter motility pattern
Measurement of esophageal length
Limited availability
Trained personnel
Endoscopy Description of esophageal mucosal damage
Biopsy allows histological description
Anesthesia is needed
Trained personnel
Rx series Fine definition of anatomy Poor information on the GER mechanism
Possible aspiration
Rx exposure
Not portable
Scintigraphy Study of gastric emptying Radiation exposure
Not portable