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Table 1 Showing the various presentation, involvement and histopathology of the patients

From: Macrodystrophia lipomatosa: four case reports

Patient Sex/Age Affected Region Clinical Features Histopathological Features
1 5y/F Medial aspect of right foot Increased size of right foot with inability to walk and sit Increased fatty tissue with proliferation of subcutaneous nerves
2 7y/F Medial aspect of right foot Decreased mobility, recurrent injury Lipomatosis infiltrating nerves and mild increase in the fibrous tissue
3 6y/M Medial aspect of left foot Difficulty in playing football, problems in putting on his footwear. Encapsulated lobules of well differentiated fatty tissue.
4 2y/M Medial aspect of left foot Gradual increase in the size of left foot Increase in the fatty component of the subcutaneous tissue.