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Table 4 Senna

From: Constipation in children

Authors Study Group+ type Methods+ Key Outcomes
Berg (1983) [71] 44 children with soiling (mean age 7.9 years)
Study type 2b
All given toileting advice.
RCT: senna vs. placebo vs. no treatment.
Results: All groups improved from baseline (p < 0.05). Senna no more effective than placebo/no treatment.
Perkin (1977) [53]- Study described in the 'Lactulose section' - table
Sondheimer et al (1982) [72] 37 children
Study type: 2b
Methods: Non-blinded RCT Senna vs. mineral oil for 3 months
Results: Faecal soiling + decreased stool frequency) significantly better in mineral-oil group. At least 1 recurrence of symptoms occurred in 66% of mineral-oil-treated and 89% of Senna-treated patients.
Connolly et al (1974) [56] -Study described in the 'Lactulose section' - table