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Table 5 Enemas

From: Constipation in children

Authors Study Group
Study type
Methods+ Key Outcomes
Loening-Baucke (1993) [9] 174 children
Study type: 4
Methods: case series: Long-term follow-up questionnaire. All given education, enemas for disimpaction, and dietary fibre+ magnesium hydroxide.
Results: On presentation 64% impacted +received enema. 57/90 (63%) had recovered. 17 (19%) still required laxatives, and 16 (18%) still soiling regularly.
Borowitz et al (2005) [43] 119 children
Study type: 4
Methods: Case series: Follow-up: Colonic evacuation then magnesium hydroxide (77%), senna syrup (23%), mineral oil (8%), and lactulose (8%)
Results: Children who underwent some form of colonic evacuation followed by daily laxative therapy were more likely to have responded to treatment (p < 0.05).
Miller et al (2007) [64] See PEG section above