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Table 3 Positive culture, organisms and sensitivity pattern in controls.

From: Asymptomatic bacteriuria in children with sickle cell anemia at The University of Nigeria teaching hospital, Enugu, South East, Nigeria

S/N Sex Organism Sensitivity
30 F Strept faecalis S/G, NT, CF, CP, OF
    R/NA, CT, CL, TET, AM, ST
60 F Staph aureus S/ST, CL, CT, CP, CF, NA, AM
  1. S = Sensitive, R = Resistant, AM = Ampicillin
  2. G = Gentamicine, NT = Nitrofurantoin, CF = Ceftriaxone, CP = Ciprofloxacine
  3. NA = Nalidixic acid, CT = Cotrimoxazole, CL = Colistin sulphate
  4. TET = Tetracycline, ST = Streptomycin, Of = Ofloxacine
  5. S/N = Serial number.