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Table 2 Studies of children with bronchiolitis and post-bronchiolitis, and acute asthma treated with montelukast

From: Update on leukotriene receptor antagonists in preschool children wheezing disorders

  Author Pros Cons
    No difference:
    - in length of stay
  Amirav[47]   - in clinical severity score
    - in cytokine levels in nasal lavage fluid
  Bisgaard[48]   No differences in percentage symptom-free days
    No differences:
Bronchiolitis and post bronchiolitis Proesmans[49]   - of symptoms and disease-free days and nights
    - of n° of exacerbations
    - of n° of unscheduled visits and need of inhaled steroids
   Higher percentage of symptom-free days and nights  
  Bisgaard[50] Reduced daytime cough  
   Decreased exacerbations versus placebo  
  Kim[51] Reduced serum eosinophil-derived neurotoxin levels compared with initial levels  
  Decreased cumulative recurrent wheezing episodes at 12 months versus placebo  
  Harmanci[52] Reduced oral steroids need  
Acute asthma   Decreased lung index scores and respiratory rate versus placebo Hospitalization rates not significantly different
  Robertson[33] Reduced healthcare resource use, symptoms, time-off school/parent work No effect on hospitalization rate, symptoms duration, β2 or steroids use
  Bacharier[40]   No difference in symptom free-days, oral steroid, healthcare resource use
  1. References are in parenthesis.