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Table 2 Surgical procedures of MC

From: Analgesia for infants’ circumcision

PlastiBell device It is the application of a bell-shaped plastic shield over the penis glans and the tying of a tight ligature around the bell and foreskin prior to the amputation; this limits bleeding and produces ischaemic necrosis of the residual foreskin stump, avoiding the need for sutures [12, 13].
Gomco clamp The foreskin is retracted, congenital preputial adhesions are separated, and the appropriate-sized bell of the clamp is placed over the glans. The foreskin is replaced over the bell, and the clamp is assembled. Closure of the clamp crushes the skin, allowing the distal prepuce to be excised and producing a suture-less anastomosis just below the corona [12].
Mogen clamp It is Jewish ritual MC; this has a slit through which the foreskin is pulled and then crushed above the glans; the distal foreskin is excised before the inner prepuce is retracted, and a circumferential dressing is applied [12].