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Table 4 Papers that compared different surgical procedures to perform MC

From: Analgesia for infants’ circumcision

Authors Newborns (n) Mogen Gomco Plastibell Concurrent analgesia Pain scale
Taeusch et al. [25] 59 30 - 29 DPNB + dextrose solution (all babies) Cry response
Kaufman et al. [26] 57 29 28 - EMLA+sucrose solution (Gomco n=14, Mogen n=14) /EMLA+water (Gomco n=14, Mogen n=15) Crying time/facial grimancing
Taddio et al. [30] 86 57 29 - DPNB+EMLA+ acetaminophen (Mogen) / EMLA (Gomco) NFCS/ crying time
  1. In bold, the most effective analgesic method or the least painful surgical procedure.
  2. Abbreviation: DPNB Dorsal penile nerve block.