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Table 2 Main features of the Wolisso (Ethiopia) and Beira (Mozambique) hospitals

From: International Child Health Elective for Pediatric Residents

  Beira (Mozambique) Wolisso (Ethiopia)
Hospital authority State Catholic Church (CUAMM)
Total number of beds 730 200
Total number of pediatric beds 128 55
Pediatric units/services General Pediatrics General Pediatric
Infectious Diseases Emergency room
Emergency room  
Medical and surgical units Internal Medicine Internal Medicine
Surgery Surgery
Obstetrics & Gynecology Obstetrics & Gynecology
Orthopedics Intensive Care
Intensive Care Rehabilitation
Pediatric hospital admissions (year) 9,000 2,500
Pediatric ER care visits 30,000 10,000
Newborns per year 6,000 3,000
University affiliation With the Catholic University of Beira No