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Table 4 Key components of the junior project offer elective

From: International Child Health Elective for Pediatric Residents

Pre-departure The partnership with CUAMM, a non-governmental organization operating in countries with limited resources, that focuses on the role of education
  The MoU signed by the University of Padua (to which the PRP belongs) and CUAMM
  The site visit to the Africa hospitals
  The selection process of the candidates
  The pre-departure course
  The definition of the learning objectives and the personalized job description
During the elective The preceptorship both in Padua and in Africa
  The active involvement in all clinical activities
  The evaluation process
At the end of the elective The feed-backs
  The summary report presented to the PRP, the residents and the hospital staff
  1. Legend: ICH: International Child Elective; MoU: Memorandum of understanding; PRP: Pediatric Residency Program.