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Table 4 Effects of experimental treatment (vs. controls) on the main headache characteristics after inclusion of drop-outs (intention-to-treat analysis)

From: Psychotherapy versus usual care in pediatric migraine and tension-type headache: a single-blind controlled pilot study

  Imputation of missing value:
  Mild improvement Moderate improvement Marked improvement
Frequency χ2=8.73 p=0.033 χ2=5.56 p=0.135 χ2=5.56 p=0.135
Intensity χ2=17.94 p=0.001 χ2=14.68 p=0.005 χ2=14.68 p=0.005
Duration χ2=14.98 p=0.002 χ2=14.07 p=0.003 χ2=14.07 p=0.003