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Table 1

From: Sonography only in emergency? The black and the white

Pathological aspects in thorax ecography
1 Pleural effusion
2 Bronchopneumonia thickening
3 Pneumothorax
4 Complex pathological aspects (thymic ectopia, neonatal respiratory distress)
Pathological aspects in abdominal ecography with anechoic areas (serous effusions)
1 Ascitis
2 haemoperitoneum
3 hydronephrosis
4 hydrocele
5 Complex pathological aspects (renal cysts, splenic cysts, hepatic cysts, ovarian cysts, cystic duplications)
Pathologic abdominal sets with echogenic areas and acoustic shadow
1 Cholelithiasis
2 Hepatic calcification
3 Nephrolithiasis
4 Appendicolith