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Table 2 Cochleo-vestibular malformations as classified by Sennaroglu and Saatci[20]

From: Pediatric cochlear implantation: an update

Malformation Characteristics
Labyrinthine aplasia Complete absence of cochlea and vestibule
Cochlear aplasia Cochlea absent, vestibule present
Common cavity Cochlea and vestibule are represented by a single, undifferentiated cystic cavity
Incomplete partition type 1 Cystic-appearing cochlea lacking entire modiolus and cribriform area; large cystic vestibule
Cochlear hypoplasia Cochlea and vestibule smaller than normal
Incomplete partition type 2 Cochlea consists of 1.5 turns (normally it has 2.5 turns); middle and apical turns coalesce to form a cystic apex