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Table 1 Outline of questions for the focus group by domain

From: Food allergies in school: design and evaluation of a teacher-oriented training action

Domain Questions
Definition of food allergies How would you define food allergies?
Perception of importance of food allergies in school Is it an issue of which teachers are aware? How important is the issue of allergies in school?
Experience in a school environment Have you ever met students with these problems during your career as a teacher? What problems did you encounter when managing an allergic child in school?
Perception of the level of personal and general knowledge of teachers on this topic What do you believe is the general level of preparation of teachers? And personally how knowledgeable would you consider yourself to be?
Knowledge and participation in communication and informational initiatives Have you participated in projects on these topics within school? Initiatives within the territory? Personal initiatives?
Knowledge Which topics have you studied in depth during courses? (food allergens, symptoms and reactions, management of allergic episodes)
Informational sources of teachers If you have doubts or need information on these topics, who do you contact? How do you find the answers to your questions?
Informational needs of teachers Which topics would you like to study in depth? What type of knowledge would you like to receive on this topic?
Communication proposals How would you like to receive information on this topic?
School and family What is the relationship between teachers and parents with allergic children?