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Table 2 Studies excluded from the systematic review and meta-analysis

From: Probiotics for prevention of necrotizing enterocolitis in preterm infants: systematic review and meta-analysis

Author, year Study summary Reason for exclusion
Awad, 2010 Living vs. killed Lactobacillus acidophilus vs. placebo given to neonates admitted to the study NICU Term and preterm infants included
Benor, 2014 Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacteria lactis vs. placebo given to mothers of VLBW infants Maternal probiotic supplementation
Li, 2004 Bifidobacterium breve given to LBW infants Randomization not declared
Millar, 1993 Lactobacillus GG given to preterm infants with GA < 33 w No NEC data
Reuman, 1986 Formula containing lactobacilli vs. placebo given to preterm infants No NEC data
Sari, 2012 Lactobacillus sporogenes given to preterm infants with GA < 32 w or BW < 1500 g, who survived to feed enterally Duplicate population (Sari, 2011 [34])
  1. NICU neonatal intensive care unit, VLBW very low birth weight, LBW low birth weight, GA gestational age, NEC necrotizing enterocolitis, BW birth weight