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Table 1 Demographic and clinical characteristics of the study population (n = 8)

From: Management of bronchial secretions with Free Aspire in children with cerebral palsy: impact on clinical outcomes and healthcare resources

Age, years (mean ± SD) 8.25 ± 6.11
Sex, M/F 8/0
Racial/ethnic group  
 Caucasian 6
 North African 2
Clinical history N. patients
 Hospitalized for pulmonary complications (in previous 6 months) 6
 ER admissions (in previous 6 months) 6
 Primary care pediatrician home visits (in previous 6 months) 6
 Oral antibiotics for respiratory exacerbations (in previous 6 months) 8
 Scoliosis 8
 Spinal Fusion 1
 Previous/current home use of airways clearance techniques 8