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Table 1 CLUFT: Grading system of Abramson et al. [4]

From: Moebius syndrome: clinical features, diagnosis, management and early intervention

CLUFT Clinical Features Grading
C: Cranial nerves  
 VII nerve partial 0
 VI nerve partial 1
 VI e VII nerve complete 2
 Additional nerve involvement 3
 If bilateral and equal add B
L: Lower extremity  
 Normal 0
 Talipes equinovarus, syndactyly, ankylosis 1
 Absent phalanges 2
 Longitudinal or transverse defect 3
U: Upper extremity  
 Normal 0
 Digital hypoplasia or failure of differentiation 1
 Ectrodactyly 2
 Failure of longitudinal or transverse formation 3
F: Facial structural anomalies  
 Normal 0
 Cleft palate 1
 Micrognathia 2
 Microtia, microphtalmia, abnormal joint etc. 3
T: Thorax  
 Normal 0
 Scoliosis 1
 Pectoral hypoplasia or breast anomaly 2
 Chest wall deformity, breast or pectoral aplasia 3
 Total Score