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Table 3 Perception of mothers/caregivers about severity of common childhood illness among mothers/caregivers having under five children’s in Dangila town, Northwest Ethiopia, 2015

From: Level of modern health care seeking behaviors among mothers having under five children in Dangila town, north West Ethiopia, 2016: a cross sectional study

variable Response Frequency (N = 273) Percent (%)
Perception of mothers about severity of illness. Severe 125 45.8
Moderate 129 47.3
Mild 19 7
Ways of identification for the severity of disease. By combined symptoms of the disease. 156 57.1
My child refused to eat 59 21.6
The illness continue for long time 58 21.2
Mothers seeking to traditional healers No 265 97.1
Yes 8 2.9
Main reasons for selecting traditional healers Don’t get cure from medical care 3 37.5
Treatment is effective 3 37.5
Because family recommend to it 2 25