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Table 1 Reports comparison between National and Emilia Romagna guidelines

From: Acute mastoiditis in an Italian pediatric tertiary medical center: a 15 – year retrospective study

  Emilia Romagna 2015 Italian Society of Paediatric 2010
Severe Mild Severe Mild
Unilateral Bilateral Unilateral Bilateral
Age < 6 months ATB ATB ATB ATB ATB ATB
Age 6–12 months ATB ATB/WW* ATB ATB WW ATB
Age 12–24 months ATB WW ATB ATB WW ATB
Age > 24 months ATB WW WW ATB WW WW
  1. Comparison between Italian and regional guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of acute otitis media. ATB = immediate antibiotic. WW = watchful waiting strategy. * On the basis of paediatrician clinical judgment