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Table 1 Inhibin B values in cryptorchid subjects in relationship between unilateral and bilateral cryptorchidism

From: Inhibin B in healthy and cryptorchid boys

Study group Subjects investigated Results
Zivkovic et al. Unilateral vs bilateral with testes at the superficial inguinal ring Inhibin B was higher in unilateral cryptorchidism
Thorup et al. Bilateral cryptorchidism vs bilateral vanished testes Inhibin B was higher in cryptorchid subjects in combination with lower values of FSH and LH
Thorup et al. Unilateral cryptorchidism vs unilateral vanished testes No difference between the two groups in terms of inhibin B, FSH or LH
Cortes et al. Unilateral and bilateral cryptorchid subjects Low inhibin B in bilateral cryptorchid boys with testes at superficial inguinal ring than unilateral forms
Hamdi et al Unilateral and bilateral cryptorchid subjects compared with control group Low inhibin B in cryptorchid boys, especially in bilateral forms