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Table 8 Sport classification according to the American Academy of Pediatrics

From: Kawasaki disease: guidelines of Italian Society of Pediatrics, part II - treatment of resistant forms and cardiovascular complications, follow-up, lifestyle and prevention of cardiovascular risks

Contact/collision Boxing, field hockey, ice hockey
American football
Motorcycle racing
Martial arts, rodeo, soccer, wrestling
Limited contact Baseball, basketball, bicycling, diving
Field events (high jump, pole vault)
Gymnastics, horse-back riding
Ice roller skating
Canoeing, fencing
Running, swimming, tennis
Race walking, weight lifting
Non-contact Highly strenuous Skiing (cross-country, downhill, water)
Squash, team handball
Non-contact Mildly strenuous Badminton
Table tennis
Non-contact Non strenuous Archery
Rifle range