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Table 1 Ten-point checklist for cardiologists to suspect mucopolysaccharidosis

From: Early diagnosis and management of cardiac manifestations in mucopolysaccharidoses: a practical guide for paediatric and adult cardiologists

1. Family history: consanguinity and/or X-linked inheritance (female to male; no male to male transmission) Yes/No
2. Hump/spinal column malformations Yes/No
3. Hip dysplasia Yes/No
4. Inguinal hernia Yes/No
5. Respiratory infections Yes/No
6. Facial dysmorphisms Yes/No
7. Corneal opacity/retinitis Yes/No
8. Valve disease (mitral/aortic) Yes/No
9. Electrocardiography: atrioventricular block Yes/No
10. Aortopathy/coronary artery disease Yes/No