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Table 4 Raccomendations and preventive measures for safe postpartum mother-child skin-to-skin contact

From: Skin-to-skin contact and delivery room practices: a longitudinal survey conducted in Piedmont and the Aosta Valley

Furnish a written protocol regarding assistance, observation/supervision and of parent instruction
Maintain sufficient lighting for the correct observation of the newborn
Never leave the mother alone, always ensure the presence of the hospital staff, relatives or a trusted person (sensitized prior to delivery)
Favor optimal 45° sitting position of the mother (biological nurturing): this guarantees the use of active neonatal reflexes that promote breastfeeding, neonatal respiration, and greater interaction in the mother-infand dyad, including eye contact
Ensure that infant’s mouth and nose are always visible
Ensure continuous supervision by staff during skin-to-skin contact in cases of maternal sedation, fatigue or primiparity
Avoid use of mobile phones and other distractions in the room
Use pulse oximetry monitoring in highly selected situations
  1. Adapted from Davanzo R, et al.; Making the first days of life safer: preventing sudden unexpected postnatal collapse while promoting breastfeeding. J Hum Lact 2015 31: 47–52 [9]