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Table 3 Correlations between leptin, soluble leptin receptor (Ob-Re), free leptin index (FLI) and cortisol concentrations and the somatic features of the newborns

From: Cortisol, leptin and free leptin index (FLI) in newborns in the first days of life and their importance for body weight programming

ParameterSomatic features of the newborns
1st day of life4th day of life
birth weightbody lengthhead circumferencechest circumferenceweightbirth weight loss (%)
Leptin in UCBR = 0.35 p < 0.03R = 0.24 p < 0.001nsR = 0.30 p < 0.004nsns
Ob-Re in UCBnsnsnsnsnsns
FLI in UCBnsnsnsnsnsns
Cortisol in UCBnsnsnsnsnsns
Leptin in NBR = 0.38 p < 0.001ns
Ob-Re in NBnsR = -0.29 p < 0.05
FLI in NBR = 0.31 p < 0.04R = 0.39 p < 0.01
Cortisol in NBnsns
  1. UCB the umbilical cord blood, NB newborns’ blood, FLI Leptin/Ob-Re, ns statistically not significant, R Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient, - not considered