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Table 4 Correlations between leptin, soluble leptin receptor (Ob-Re) and free leptin index (FLI) and cortisol concentration in umbilical cord blood (UCB) and in the newborns blood (NB)

From: Cortisol, leptin and free leptin index (FLI) in newborns in the first days of life and their importance for body weight programming

Leptin in UCBnsnsns
Leptin in NBnsnsns
Ob-Re in UCBR = 0.35
p < 0.02
Ob-Re in NBnsR = 0.36
p < 0.01
FLI in UCBnsnsR = 0.69
p < 0.001
FLI in NBnsR = -0.32
p < 0.03
nsR = 0.59
p < 0.001
  1. UCB umbilical cord blood, NB newborns’ blood, FLI free leptin index, ns statistically not significant, R Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient, - not considered