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Table 1 How to send messages to mothers

From: Effectiveness of message-framing intervention on complementary feeding related behaviors among mothers with infants aged 4–8 months: a 3-arm randomized controlled trial

The pivotal role of messagesType of messagesType of distribution of messages based on the age of infants
Five monthsSix monthsSeven monthsEight months
The importance of regular growth measurement and the use of dropletsText framework with a fixed image41    2         
Refrain from the early initiation of complementary feedingText framework with a fixed image 331            
The importance of breastfeeding in complementary feeding and lack of using a milk bottle and a pacifierText framework with a fixed image  131 11        
Refusal to delay the onset of complementary feedingText framework with a fixed image    31          
Stages of complementary feeding based on ageText framework with a fixed image     1 111111112
How to prepare complementary foodText framework with a fixed image     11122112221
Avoiding complementary feeding with harmful substancesText framework with fixed image     1 111221111
A demonstration of the stages of the preparation of complementary foodSeven fixed films with similar text framework     11 1111   1
Summary of posted messagesFour electronic pamphlets in two frameworks   1   1   1   1
News message (complementary feeding stages based on age)Similar text and visual framework 1  13 1  2   21