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Table 4 - Comparison of mean scores of knowledge, attitude, subjective norms, enabling factors to reduce internet addiction in control and intervention groups, before and after intervention

From: The effect of educational intervention based on BASNEF model for reducing internet addiction among female students: a quasi-experimental study

 Control GroupIntervention groupP-value
MeanStandard DeviationMeanStandard Deviation
KnowledgeBefore intervention48.5623.4949.1620.340.88
After intervention47.3617.4574.7210.56< 0.001
P-value0.71< 0.001
AttitudeBefore intervention67.7417.7769.315.190.60
After intervention66.5323.0421.189.54< 0.001
P-value0.64< 0.001
Subjective normsBefore intervention41.1520.6240.0813.430.74
After intervention41.9816.6464.049.36< 0.001
P-value0.72< 0.001
Enabling factorsBefore intervention28.5414.4428.3714.210.95
After intervention29.1015.4565.2710.47< 0.001
P-value0.79< 0.001
Intention to act (about ceasing the internet addiction)Before intervention36.7617.6835.5111.390.64
After intervention37.3114.8884.939.23< 0.001
P-value0.83< 0.001