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Table 1 Items obtaining the lowest scores (gray boxes) in the different areas in the seven (A to G) wards* according to the National Agency for Regional Health Services (Agenas) checklist

From: Humanization of care in pediatric wards: differences between perceptions of users and staff according to department type

 ItemsDepartments’ lowest scores
Area 11.1.1 Psychological support function6.006.05,65.05.05
1.1.4 Hospital without pain4,66,52,61,61,24,32,8
1.2.2 Respect for privacy2,22.0002.03,33,3
1.3.1 Respect for linguistic specificities2.0006.0000
1.4.1 Continuity of care1,71,70,502,91,11,1
Area 22.2.1 Orientation and signage006,6710.0000
2.4.1 Comfort of waiting rooms5,7001,48,55,74,2
Area 33.2.2 Access to information2,514,56,55,50,53,5
Area 44.1.1 Communication care2,81,64,31,85,71,41,4
4.2.3 Staff training0000000