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Table 1 Comparison between echocardiographic parameters used by neonatologist and cardiologist in PDA assessment. E mitral E wave, A mitral A wave, LA/Ao Left Atrium Aortic root ratio, IVRT Isovolumic relaxation time, LVO Left ventricular output, LPA Left pulmonary artery, SVC superior vena cava

From: Survey of PDA management in very low birth weight infants across Italy

Echocardiographic parameterEcho assessment by neonatologistEcho assessment by cardiologistp
PDA diameter100%100% 
Ductal Peak systolic velocity54%80% 
Ductal End diastolic velocity14%30% 
Ductal Peak systolic/End diastolic velocity13%10% 
Flow pattern across PDA100%90% 
LPA end diastolic velocity44%30% 
Descending aortic flow79%80% 
LVO/SVC flow ratio22%20% 
Flow pattern in peripheral vessels89%40%*
  1. * = p < 0.05