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Table 2 Observed Zero-Order Correlations Between Observed Variables and screen time (N = 1897)

From: Digital screen time and its effect on preschoolers’ behavior in China: results from a cross-sectional study

Gender (male)        
Minority ethnicity.004       
The only child−.423c−.342b.163a     
Household location.025−.162b.036.013    
Marital status−.017.123a.040.051−.008   
Family income−.078.178b.005.224b−.197b.420b  
Maternal education.108a.091a.082a.265b−.172b.647c.528b 
Primary Caregiver.009−.039.005.151b−.196b.042−.010.165b
Screen time.083b.007.055.329c.076a−.257b.281b−.272b−.377b
  1. Notes: Correlation coefficients reflect nonparametric (Kendall’s tau-b) slope estimates
  2. aCorrelation significant at the .05 level (two-tailed). bCorrelation significant at the .01 level (two-tailed). cCorrelation significant at the .001 level (two-tailed)