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Table 1 Basic data and organizational structures for sedation analgesia as carried out in pediatric centers across Germany (based on 134 out of 138 responding centers; in the remaining four centers, no sedation analgesia was performed by pediatricians)

From: Analgosedation for diagnostic and interventional procedures: a countrywide survey of pediatric centers in Germany

Center-specific levels of care
 Primary care3.6%
 General care21.7%
 Focus care30.4%
 Maximum care25.4%
 University departments18.1%
Settings for sedation analgesia
 Pediatric ward87%
 Intensive care unit76.8%
 Operating room13%
 External/other settings79%
Frequency of sedation analgesia
 > 150 per year45.8%
 100–150 per year13.7%
 50–100 per year24.4%
 < 50 per year16%
Organizational structures
 Sedation teams present40.5%
 Regular sedation training courses32.3%
 Documentation protocol for sedation80.6%
 Post-sedation clinical examination78.4%
Settings for the wake-up phase
 (General) pediatric ward56.5%
 Intensive care unit11.6%
 Wake-up room11.6%
 No commitment20.3%
Parameters monitored in the wake-up phase
 Pulse oxymetry (mandatorily)99.3%
 ECG (mandatorily)55%
 RR (mandatorily)89.9%
  RR every 5 min: 21.8%; 10 min: 41.1%; >  10 min: 20.2%; beginning and end only: 16.9%