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Table 2 Main causes of ascites in children

From: Peritoneal tuberculosis mimicking carcinomatous ascites in a child living in a low prevalence country: a case report

Chronic liver disease (cirrhosis)
Hepatic non-cirrhotic causes (e.g. Budd-Chiari syndrome, congenital hepatic fibrosis)
Intestinal disorders (appendicitis, Crohn’s disease, meconium ileus, celiac disease, eosinophilic enterophaty, intestinal atresia, intestinal lymphangectasia, omental cyst, intestinal malrotation)
Infections (CMV, EBV, Tuberculosis)
Malignancies (lymphoma, Wilm’s tumor, germ cells tumors, neuroblastoma, cystic mesothelioma)
Urinary disorders (nephrotic syndrome, obstructive uropathy, bladder rupture, ureterocele)
Heart failure
Other (pancreatitis, inflammatory disorders, metabolic diseases, abdominal trauma, ovarian cyst, ventriculo-peritoneal shunt, thoracic duct trauma)