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Table 3 Life quality questionnaires for use in the pediatric population

From: Symptom measures in pediatric narcolepsy patients: a review

Questionnaire Frequency of use
Children Health Questionnairea 71
Pediatric Quality of Life Inventorya 63
the Quality of Life Health Survey SF-36 20
Childhood Health Assessment Questionnairea 16
HRQoL questionnaire 10
General Well-Being Scale 8
General Health Rating Index 7
Health Utility Index-2 4
Youth Generic Quality of Life Scalea 3
NARQoL-21a 2
EQ-5D-Ya 1
IQQOL-Adolescentsa 1
Generic Children’s QoL Measurea 1
Lansky play performance scalea 1
  1. SF-36 short-form-36 health survey, HRQoL health related quality of life, EQ-5D-Y EuroQol five dimensions (youth), IQQOL International quality of life; QoL quality of life, NARQoL-21 Narcolepsy quality of life-21
  2. aPediatric-specific questionnaires