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Table 1 Age distribution of most frequently involved pathogens in pediatric AHOM

From: Italian consensus on the therapeutic management of uncomplicated acute hematogenous osteomyelitis in children

Age Pathogens
<  3 months S. aureus
E. coli
H. influenzae
N. gonorrhoeae (in case of congenital infection)
Streptococcus β haemolyticus group B
C. albicans
3 months – 5 years S. aureus
K. kingae
Streptococcus β haemolyticus group A
S. pneumoniae (especially under 2 years-old)
H. influenzae type B (rare in fully vaccinated immunocompetent patients)
>  5 years S. aureus
Streptococcous β haemolyticus group A
N. gonorrhoeae (in sexually active adolescents)