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Table 4 Characteristics of vaccines and mAbs against RSV in the Italian epidemiological context [5, 6, 15,16,17, 30, 31, 45]

From: Epidemiology and prevention of respiratory syncytial virus infections in children in Italy

Type Target population and main characteristics
Maternal vaccines Vaccination of pregnant women to protect neonates through transplacental transfer of maternal antibodies
Protection of the neonate from birth
Duration equivalent to the life of maternal antibodies (i.e., 2–4 months)
Can immunize only infants born just before and during RSV epidemic season, and that have been born at term
mAbs with extended half-life Neonates and infants
Immediate onset of protection
Duration of up to 5 months, throughout the RSV season
Can immunize all children, at birth if born during the RSV season and by appointment if born before the season
Pediatric vaccines Children, early infancy
No protection during the first months of life
Durable protection (years) throughout childhood
  1. mAb monoclonal antibody, RSV respiratory syncytial virus