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Table 1 Characteristics of the patients enrolled in the study

From: Adequacy and tolerance to ass's milk in an Italian cohort of children with cow's milk allergy

Patient's Characteristics  
Male/Female ratio 1:1
Age (y), median (range) 4.5 (6.0 mo-10 y)
Total serum IgE at baseline (IU/mL) 335,93
Positive Skin Prick Tests to: (n)  
Cow's milk 27
Ass's milk 2
Wheat 2
Hen's egg 7
Soy 4
Pollens 5
Dust mite 7
Molds 2
Pets with fur 4
Positive specific IgE to: (n)  
alpha-lactalbumin 21
beta-lactoglobulin 17
casein 9
Ass's milk 2