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Table 3 Papers that compared different analgesic methods

From: Analgesia for infants’ circumcision

Authors Newborns (n) Surgical technique Analgesia
Banieghbal et al. [18] 583 Gomco RB/ RB+milk*
Lehr et al. [21] 53 Gomco DPNB (n=18) /EMLA (n=17) /lidocaine (n=18)
Lehr et al. [19] 44 Gomco DPNB (n=17) /EMLA (n=13) /lidocaine (n=14)
South et al. [22] 44 Gomco DPNB + Tylenol (n=22) /DPNB+Tylenol+non-nutritive sucking (n=22)
Malnory et al. [24] 53 Gomco Acetaminophen (n=26) vs placebo (n=27)
Macke et al. [27] 60 Gomco Acetaminophen (n=29) vs placebo (n=31)
Kass et al. [29] 71 Gomco DPNB (n=24) /dextrose solution (n=23)
O’Sullivan et al. [17] 66 unknown DPNB/fentanyl*
Garry et al. [20] 18 unknown DPNB (n=6) /EMLA (n=6)/ no analgesia (n=6)
Razmus et al. [23] 132 unknown DPNB (n=7) /DPNB+sucrose solution (n=12) / DPNB+sucrose solution+EMLA (n=3) / EMLA(n=6) /EMLA+sucrose solution (n=8) / RB (n=15) / RB+sucrose solution (n=44) / sucrose solution (n=22)/ no analgesia (n=11)
Joyce et al. [28] 23 unknown EMLA (n=11) / EMLA+music (n=12)
  1. In bold, the most effective analgesic method. In brackets, the number of babies in each study-group.
  2. *No data was available regarding the number of babies in each study-group.
  3. Abbreviations: RB Ring block, DPNB Dorsal penile nerve block.