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Table 3 Questionnaire used by the residents to evaluate their experience in Africa and main results

From: International Child Health Elective for Pediatric Residents

Questions % (Positive replies)
Was the preparatory course helpful? 14/14
Were the learning objectives of your stay in Africa clear? 13/14
Was your personalized job description sufficiently clear and respected? 13/14
Was the setting where you went to work well described before your departure? 12/14
Do you think that the ICH elective:  
Prepared you sufficiently? 13/14
Adequate time-wise? 12/14
Enabled you to grow professionally? 13/14
Was the perceptorship that was provided to you in Padua important? 14/14
Was the tutorship you had in Africa adequate? 12/14
Do you think you have achieved the learning objectives? See Table 1
Do you think it was an added value to have been part of a CUAMM project? 14/14
Are you happy with this experience? 14/14
Would you repeat it? 14/14
Would you recommend it to others? 14/14
Did you suffer from:  
The different life style in Africa? 05/14
Too difficult and stressful situations? 01/14
Communication problems? 02/14
Personal security issues? 01/14
Any diseases? --/14