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Table 1 Abnormal karyotypes found in patients who underwent a-CGH for the characterization of the abnormality

From: Predictive diagnostic value for the clinical features accompanying intellectual disability in children with pathogenic copy number variations: a multivariate analysis

Patient No. Karyotype
5 47,XX,del(6)(q24),+mar[30]/46,XX,del(6)(q24)[15]
12 45,XY,t(5;15)(p15.3;q11.2)
25 46,XY,dup(19)(q12q13.2)
6 46,XY,der(9)t(1;9)(q41;q34)
26 46,XY,r(22).ish del(22q13)
  1. For their a-CGH results refer to Table 3.