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Table 5 Multivariate logistic regression I

From: Short-term respiratory outcomes in late preterm infants

  Odds ratio estimates (95% confidence interval)
Late preterm birth CRM
Maternal age 1.002 (0.982–1.021) 1.007 (0.971–1.043)
Maternal medical disorders no 1 1
Maternal medical disorders yes 3.8 (3.1–4.7) 3.3 (2.3–4.7)
Twins birth no 1 1
Twins birth yes 19.3 (14.6–25.4) 4.3 (2.6–7.3)
  1. Data show occurrence of late preterm birth and of composite respiratory morbidity (CRM) by maternal characteristics (OR = 1 indicates the reference category). Data are expressed as absolute numbers and proportions (%) of observed data in each category. All tests refer to comparisons between late preterm infants (LPI) and term infants (TI).