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Table 1 Biological, clinical, and family history variables included in the analysis, which eventually identified the four subgroups used in the study (from Sacco et al. 2010)

From: Can biological components predict short-term evolution in Autism Spectrum Disorders? A proof-of-concept study

Developmental and clinical variables Biological variables Family history variables
Age at non-verbal language development History of allergies Pregnancy duration
Age at verbal language development History of regression History of obstetric complications or recurrent spontaneous abortions in the mother
Level of verbal language development History of obstetric complications at or immediately after birth History of any allergic and/or immune disease in the family
Age at walking History of any infectious disease at autism onset History of tumors in the family
Age at acquisition of bladder control at night History of sleep disorders History of any neurological or psychiatric disorders in the family
Age at first social smile Presence of muscle hypotonia at neurological examination  
Motor, verbal or vocal stereotypies EEG pattern (evaluated at T0)  
Self-aggressive or self-injurious behaviour Pain sensitivity (reported by parents)