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Table 7 (abstract A23). Calculating energy needs of neurologically impaired children

From: 72nd Congress of the Italian Society of Pediatrics

1. Krick method
 Kcal/day = (BMR x muscle tone factor x activity factor) + growth factor
 BMR basal metabolic rate (kcal/day) = body surface area (m2) x standard metabolic rate (kcal/m2/h) x 24 h
 Muscle tone factor: 0.9 if decreased, 1.0 if normal, 1.1 if increased
 Activity factor : 1.15 if bedridden, 1.2 if dependant, 1.25 if crawling, 1.3 if ambulatory
 Growth factor : 5 kcal/g of desired weight gain
2. Height-based method
 14.7 cal/cm in children with motor dysfunction
 13.9 cal/cm in ambulatory patients with motor dysfunction
 11.1 cal/cm in non-ambulatory patients
3. Resting energy expenditure-based method
 1.1 x measured resting energy expenditure