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Table 8 Westley croup score

From: Management of acute respiratory diseases in the pediatric population: the role of oral corticosteroids

Stridor None: 0
With agitation: +1
At rest: +2
Chest wall retractions None: 0
Mild: +1
Moderate: +2
Severe: +3
Cyanosis None: 0
With agitation: +4
At rest: +5
Level of consciousness Normal: 0
Disoriented: +5
Air entry Normal: 0
Decreased: +1
Markedly decreased: +2
  1. Mild croup (WCS ≤2): occasionally barky cough, no audible stridor at rest, and no to mild suprasternal and/or intercostal indrawing (retractions of the skin of the chest wall)
  2. Moderate croup (WCS 3-5): frequent barky cough, easily audible stridor at rest, and suprasternal and sternal wall retractions at rest, but no or little distress or agitation
  3. Severe croup (WCS 6-11): frequent barky cough, prominent inspiratory and occasionally expiratory stridor, marked sternal and wall retractions, and significant distress and agitation
  4. Impending respiratory failure (WCS >11): barky cough, audible stridor at rest, sternal and wall retractions, lethargy or decreased level of consciousness and often dusky appearance without supplemental oxygen