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Table 3 Evaluation of systemaic reviews and Cochrane review

From: Does a low FODMAPs diet reduce symptoms of functional abdominal pain disorders? A systematic review in adult and paediatric population, on behalf of Italian Society of Pediatrics

Study Study design Population Kind of studies Number of studies Number of participants Abstracts Objective Protocol Search Assessment risk of bias in included studies Assesment of risk of bias across studies Discussion Funding
Marsh 2016 [23] Systematic review and meta-analysis Adult and children RCTS and non RCTs 6 RCTs + 16 723 (only 33 children) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Unclear Yes Not reported
Newlove-Delgado 2017 [24] Cochrane review Children (5–18 years) RCTs 19 (only 1 with FODMAPs e 1 with fructose-restricted diet) 1453 (137 with FODMAPs or fructose diet) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Reported
Rutten 2015 [37] Systematic review Children (3–18 years) RCTs 24 (only 2 with lactose free diet) 1390 (116 on lactose free diet) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Unclear Yes Reported