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Table 9 Effective environmental strategies to prevent pediatric obesity at school

From: Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pediatric obesity: consensus position statement of the Italian Society for Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetology and the Italian Society of Pediatrics

Support school personnel’s strategies for implementing health promotion programs.
Improvement of overall school food environment:
Removal of vending machines selling sugar sweetened beverages or snacks high in fat, sugar or salt; banning sales of this kind of food; reformulation of school lunches to reduce high calorie unhealthy food.
Provision of a healthy breakfast
Provision of free or low-cost fruit
Provision of free/low cost water
Improvement of overall school physical activity environment:
Increase of the daily formal PA session organized during and after school hours.
Availability of school playgrounds for structured/unstructured PA during and after regular school hours