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Table 6 Long-term therapy for patients with coronary artery aneurysms related to Kawasaki disease and anginal symptoms

From: Kawasaki disease: guidelines of Italian Society of Pediatrics, part II - treatment of resistant forms and cardiovascular complications, follow-up, lifestyle and prevention of cardiovascular risks

Patients without anginal symptoms:
 - patients without demonstrated ischemia: antiplatelet drugs
 - patients with demonstrated ischemia: antiplatelet drugs + calcium channel blockers. Evaluate revascularization, according to the pediatric cardiologist’s opinion
Patients with anginal symptoms:
 In addition to antiplatelet drugs:
  - patients with exercise-induced angina: nitro-vasodilators and/or calcium channel blockers
  - patients with angina at rest or during sleep: calcium channel blockers
  - patients with angina in the night: calcium channel blockers + nitro-vasodilators