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Table 1 Percentage of symptoms and signs reported by children’s parents in the total population and in the five retinal dystrophy subtypes

From: Early onset retinal dystrophies: clinical clues to diagnosis for pediatricians

 NystagmusPhotophobiaLow vision
Total patients (50 patients)76%8%28%
Rod-cone Distrophy (17 patients)53%0%41%
Cone-rod Distrophy (12 patients)92%17%42%
Achromatopsia (13 patients)100%8%0%
CSNB (6 patients)67%0%19%
Leber’s Amaurosis (2 patients)50%50%100%
  1. LCA = Leber’s congenital amaurosis; ACHR = achromatopsia; CSNB = congenital stationary night blindness; CRD = cone-rod dystrophy; RCD = rod-cone dystrophy