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Table1 (abstract A26). Diagnostic Criteria for MCAP: core feature (1) plus either (2) or (3)

From: Proceedings of the 33rd Congress of the Italian Society of Neonatology, Lombardy Section, 31 January - 1 February 2020

Core Features Supportive Features Secondary Features
(1) Early overgrowth (brain > somatic tissue) progressive megalencephaly Selective brain overgrowth (e.g. ventriculomegaly);
Congenital somatic overgrowth
Somatic or cranial asymmetry
Frontal blossing or dolichocephaly
Developmental delay
(2) Developmental vascular disorders capillary malformations (midline face or body widespread) Infantile hemangiomas, venous aneurysms, aberrant vasculature  
(3) Distal limb anomalies (syndactily) Polydactyly, Sandal-gap toes  
(4) Cortical brain malformations (polymicrogyria)   Seizures
Developmental delay
(5) Connective tissue dysplasia   Hypotonia