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Table 1 Characteristics of studies included to study determinants of PTBS in East African countries

From: Determinants of preterm birth among mothers who gave birth in East Africa: systematic review and meta-analysis

Author/yearCountryStudy designSample sizeQuality status
Abaraya et al. 2016 [57]EthiopiaUnmatched case control656Low risk
Abrams et al.2004 [72]MalawiCross sectional572Low risk
Adam et al.2010 [74]SudanCross sectional1200Low risk
Adane et al. 2014 [60]EthiopiaCross sectional481Low risk
Aidoo et al.2001 [67]KenyaRetrospective cohort1077Low risk
Alhaj et al.2010 [10]SudanCase control293Low risk
Alson et al.2010 [85]MadagascarCohort206Low risk
Arnaldo et al. 2018 [82]MozambiqueCross sectional1038Low risk
Ayebare E et al. 2018 [7]UgandaCase control296Low risk
Ayisi et al.2003 [66]KenyaCohort5168Low risk
Berhanie et al. 2019 [53]EthiopiaUnmatched case control954Low risk
Chagomerana et al.2017 [68]MalawiRetrospective cohort3074Low risk
Chico et al.2017 [75]ZambiaProspective cohort1086Low risk
Cole et al.2001 [50]TanzaniaProspective cohort1078Low risk
Deborah Watson-Jones et al.2007 [48]TanzaniaProspective cohort1688Low risk
Deressa, et al. 2018 [56]EthiopiaCross sectional384Low risk
Feresu et al.2004 [79]ZimbabweCase control3103Low risk
Feresu et al.2004 [80]ZimbabweRetrospective cohort17,174Low risk
Gebreslasie K 2016 [62]EthiopiaCross sectional540Low risk
Gesase et al.2018 [34]TanzaniaCross sectional1117Low risk
Habib et al.2008 [47]Tanzania:Cohort16,762Low risk
Kalanda et al.2006 [71]MalawiCross sectional4104Low risk
Karki S 2016 [5]KenyaCross sectional691Low risk
Kebede et al.2013 [61]EthiopiaRetrospective cohort416Low risk
Kumwenda et al.2017 [76]ZambiaComparative cross sectional200Low risk
Laelago et al.2017 [58]EthiopiaCross sectional195Low risk
Lepory et al.1998 [84]RwandaProspective cohort1233Low risk
Li et al.2016 [41]TanzaniaProspective cohort3314Low risk
Mace et al.2015 [77]ZambiaRetrospective cohort435Low risk
Mahand et al.2013 [46]TanzaniaCohort3359Low risk
Mahande et al.2016 [39]TanzaniaRetrospective cohort17,030Low risk
Mahande et al.2016 [39]TanzaniaRetrospective cross sectional30,797Low risk
Mahande, et al. 2017 [37]TanzaniaMatched case control100Low risk
Mahapula et al. 2016 [38]TanzaniaCase control754Low risk
McDonald CR, et al.2015 [43]TanzanianCohort1054Low risk
Mekonen et al.2019 [52]EthiopiaCross sectional575Low risk
Menendez et al.2000 [51]Tanzania.Cross sectional1225Low risk
Mochache KM/2016 [65]KenyaProspective cohort292Low risk
Mosha et al.2015 [36]Tanzania.Cohort study2167Low risk
Mosha et al.2016 [36]TanzaniaProspective cohort7634Low risk
Mpogoro et al.2014 [44]TanzaniaCross sectional431Low risk
Muti et al.2015 [78]ZimbabweCross sectional287Low risk
Muti et al.2015 [78]ZimbabweCross sectional287Low risk
Ndeserua [42] et al.2015TanzaniaCross sectional350Low risk
Okube et al. 2017 [64]KenyaCross sectional184Low risk
Osman et al.2001 [83]MozambiqueProspective cohort908Low risk
Rempis’ et al. 2017UgandaCross-sectional412Low risk
Sharif et al2017 [73]SudanCase control112Low risk
Sigalla et al. 2017 [35]TanzaniaProspective cohort1133Low risk
Stephen et al.2018 [33]TanzaniaCohort529Low risk
Sullivan et al.1999 [6]MalawiCross sectional178Low risk
Taha et al.2012 [4]MalawiCross sectional8874Low risk
Teklay et al.2018 [55]EthiopiaUn-matched retrospective case–control264Low risk
Turner et al.2013 [70]MalawiCohort809Low risk
Van den Broek et al.2014 [69]MalawiCross sectional2149Low risk
Wagura et al. 2018 [54]KenyaCross sectional322Low risk
Watson-Jones et al.2002 [49]TanzaniaRetrospective cohort380Low risk
Zerfu et al.2016 [59]Ethiopiaprospective cohort432Low risk