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Table 4 Details of children who received tracheostomy

From: Characteristics and outcomes in children on long-term mechanical ventilation: the experience of a pediatric tertiary center in Rome

Characteristics Outcomes
N° of Subjects11 
Age at start of LTV (years)3.9 (1.2–8.2) 
Age at Tracheostomy (years)8.1 (1.7–10.9) 
Major diagnostic categories
 - NMDs4IMV after Tracheostomy (1 death)
 - Upper airways diseases1SB after Tracheostomy
 - CNS diseases6IMV after Tracheostomy (1 death)
  1. Results are expressed as median (interquartile range), unless otherwise specified
  2. NMDs Neuromuscular diseases, CNS diseases Central Nervous System diseases, IMV Invasive Mechanical Ventilation, SB Spontaneous Breathing